A-Best Sew & Vac Trade-Up Guarantee

With shoes, you buy them, try them out and break them in. If they don’t fit right or end up being uncomfortable, they sit in the back of your closet, forgotten with the ages. We don’t want that happening with your sewing machine.

A-Best has a phenomenal Trade-Up Guarantee, which means that you have up to 12 months from the date you purchased your machine to either upgrade to a better machine or trade-in for a different one. You get the chance to play around with your machine, learn it’s features and various settings and decide whether it’s the machine you want.

Maybe your current machine is only for sewing, and you’d like to upgrade to a machine that is sewing and embroidery combined. Or perhaps you are a quilter and want to transition into a long arm machine that provides you with more workspace and allows you to create stunning quilts.

A-Best isn’t here to sell as many sewing machines as possible. We are here to make sure each sewist has the machine they need to properly pursue their craft.

When you buy a machine from A-Best we want you happy with it. And when you are ready for an upgrade, we want you back in the store. Up to one year after your purchase, we will apply your full purchase price for your trade-in machine. You won’t lose any money from your original purchase by trading into a machine that better suits your wants and needs.

Once you find that perfect machine, check out our Total Titanium Tough Premium Protection Package. Our TTTPPP is the ultimate protection for your machine, enhancing the manufacturers warranty to 100% coverage of all parts. You will have peace of mind knowing that you don’t pay for repairs, parts, tune-ups, or instructional education for up to 5 full years.

Visit us in-store and speak with one of our solution consultants about the available upgrades for your machine. Feel free to call us at 507-377-8244 with any additional questions.

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Daniel Hanson

Daniel Hanson

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