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Scroll through our current class offerings to see what’s new. We’ll also keep you updated on our current events. We’ll be adding more classes and available dates soon, so keep checking back. 

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A-bEST Community Classes & Events

A-Best loves connecting you with a larger sewing community. Classes and events are a great way to gain knowledge, increase skills and meet new sewing enthusiasts. Take a look at our classes below.
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Our educators are part of the local sewist community and provide their experience and talents to our customers through various classes and workshops. Whether you’re just getting started or are anexperienced sewing enthusiast who wants to learn about new techniques and accessories, A-Best will have opportunities for you to learn and grow. Tell us about your training needs and we’ll get you connected with an upcoming class. And if you can’t wait for our coming class schedule, contact us and we’ll get you connected with an educator.



Embroidery Expert

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Quilting Expert

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