Spring Cleaning Tips – Sale Starts 3/25

4 Tips to Jumpstart your Spring Cleaning

When spring arrives, we all get busy with ambitions of clearing out clutter and making our homes sparkle and shine. There is probably a long running list of things in the back of your mind that you want to accomplish before the rush of summer.

 A-Best wants to help you make the most out of your spring cleaning this year. In anticipation of spring, we want to give you our top tips to make this year’s spring cleaning productive. All these suggestions and tips will surely save you time and help you get your home clean from top to bottom. Whether you plan to tackle it all in one weekend or have a list that you want to chip away at over time A-Best is here to help. Our tips will help you work smarter not harder to clean those cobwebs so you can get outside and enjoy the magic of spring.

Luckily, A-Best is having a Spring-Cleaning sale just in time to help you with all your home cleaning projects. Our Spring-Cleaning Sale runs March 25th through April 3rd...do not hesitate to reach out to our team to discover ways you can clean smarter and not harder this spring. Enjoy our tips!

1. Make it fun and reward yourself for a job well done.

Make a playlist of your favorite tunes to motivate you to groove your way through these tasks. Make a list of new podcasts you want to try to keep you engaged while you are sweeping out the garage or scrubbing the toilet. Get excited about your cleaning tools. Is there a new vacuum, mop or broom that will make your cleaning process easier?

Before you even start your spring-cleaning list, plan out how you will reward yourself hour by hour, each day and at the end of the entire big cleaning process.

Examples of ways you could reward yourself hour by hour:

  • 5 minutes of social media time
  • A small piece of your favorite candy
  • Reading your favorite magazine for 5 minutes
  • Calling a friend
  • A nice cup of coffee or a soda

Examples of ways you could reward yourself at the end of the day:

  • Order takeout from your favorite restaurant
  • Watch one of your favorite movies
  • Glass of your favorite wine or beer
  • A bubble bath
  • A new accessory for your sewing or embroidery machine

Examples of ways to reward yourself at the end of your entire spring-cleaning process:

  • A new clothing item that you have been wanting
  • Buying that air purifier to keep your home cleaner throughout the year
  • A new sewing or embroidery machine
  • Pamper yourself with a massage or pedicure
  • A trip to your favorite restaurant with a friend

Ultimately, rewarding yourself for a job well done will keep you excited to finish your full cleaning list. The key is to give yourself the best tools to help you start this process. A-Best has you covered with all the latest and greatest homecare products and vacuums to help you this year.

2. Break it down.

Often spring cleaning is more of a marathon than a sprint but that does not mean it needs to be overwhelming. Write a long list of all the things you must clean and estimate the time it will take you to do each task. Spread the cleaning out over several days so as not to get overwhelmed.  Commit to the days that you are going to conquer these tasks. Allow yourself to be responsible for two to four tasks per hour depending on how long you estimate it will take you to accomplish each task.

Pro tip: It is better to overestimate the time you think a task will take you rather than underestimate because that way you are leaving space for unexpected distractions.

When you are planning out your time remember A-Best has all kinds of homecare products on sale from March 25th through April 3rd that could cut your cleaning time in half. Be sure to talk with our solutions consultants about how we can help you.

3. Build Momentum.

Start with the smallest easiest tasks first to help you gain momentum and motivation as you check them off your cleaning list. Each time you enter a room to clean start by accomplishing the quickest easiest task first to help yourself gain motivation as you go. Motivation comes from action not the other way around. The quicker you take action on the small cleaning tasks and see your progress the more likely you are to stay motivated.

Let us help you start great new cleaning routines to help you build momentum to keep your home in tip top shape all year round.

4. Take Breaks.

Studies show that humans will go from focused to fatigued roughly every 90 minutes. Humans are not capable of remaining focused indefinitely. No doubt you will be in the middle of cleaning and you will suddenly remember something you forgot to add to the grocery list or find a family photo while dusting that reminds you about the cabin trip you want to plan this summer. Distractions will happen. You can mitigate the distractions if you plan in regular breaks during cleaning. Robert Pozen, from MIT Sloan School of Management suggests in his book Extreme Productivity, that taking a 15-minute break every 75 to 90 minutes increases productivity. When you take a break reward yourself for a job well done and set a timer, so you know when it is time to start tackling your to-do list again.

As you look at the potentially daunting task of spring cleaning remember that A-Best has got your back to help you make your spring-cleaning experience the best yet. Come down to the store March 25th through April 3rd to discover all the amazing homecare products and tools that will make your spring cleaning a great success.

To learn more visit A-Best or call us at (507) 377-8244. Come in to see our selection of homecare products and vacuum cleaners.


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